Chartered Professional Accountants
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Our clients are located throughout New Brunswick, representing a surprising range of accounting requirements. From individuals to businesses, not-for-profit organizations and more, we can assist with the financial services you need, because we value our role as a trusted partner.  



At BCD, we pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients.

As a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants, we have the expertise to go beyond the fundamental preparation of personal tax returns, examining the complete tax situation for each of our unique clients.

No matter your specific needs, we make sure to consider the big picture – because we care.


We provide professional accounting solutions for non-profit organizations that respect the bottom line.

From audits and bookkeeping to charity returns, T4 preparation, cash flow projections and budgeting – BCD has the expertise to help keep your organization in excellent order.  


Our firm offers businesses complete accounting, auditing and taxation services, and also works in the areas of corporate finance and consulting.

Clients receive services from our firm at a level beyond basic accounting. At BCD, we help our clients to prosper.

All of our services are provided in accordance with professional standards set by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants. 


Getting your books setup electronically is a specialty of ours.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to simplify accounting matters, or an individual who likes to keep his or her spending in check, you may want to consider purchasing bookkeeping software to help you manage your finances.

BCD can analyze your needs to see which type of bookkeeping software is right for you, and lead you through the process to managing your finances like a pro.


Whether for estate planning or income-splitting, we have extensive experience in the area of Family Trusts.

For executors of estates, our expertise in Testamentary Trusts allows us to offer guidance and assist in keeping detailed accounting records, preparation of financial statements, and filing the final personal tax return of the deceased.